Tips on Buying Contact Lenses Online

contact lenses

Buying contact lenses on-line is fast, convenient and affordable. But, the very first time you purchase something online which will directly affect your health, such as contact lenses, its always good do your research. Find out how to select a reputable online retailer AND save yourself money. To get started, visit a site that offers a vast array of contact lens selections from reputable online sellers. Some sites will even offer you a free consultation where a qualified optometrist or ophthalmologist can examine your eyes and give you advice on the best pair or sets of contact lens you should buy.

Once you have found an appropriate site and chosen from a range of contact lenses online designs, you will need to complete a short application form. This is usually quick and easy and usually just involves supplying the details of your prescription information. There is no need to worry about credit card numbers or bank accounts as most retailers will already have integrated secure payment systems. You may need to enter in a temporary password to access your account but once done you will be able to create your own permanent password with any website that makes use of the WordPress platform.

information to the system

Your prescription number is what provides the information to the system which enables you to purchase your contacts. You will also need this number if you want to order your contact lenses online but remember that you should never provide this number to anybody else without first asking for permission. Also ensure you give your prescription only to those who deal with the type of eye care you require. It is always best practice to check that the retailer you are purchasing from is licensed and accredited with the relevant health authorities.

If you are buying contact lenses online from an on-line site run by a reputable establishment such as warby parker, you should expect that the site will be secure. All the information provided will be encrypted before being posted onto the server of warby parker. Once the prescription is entered you will receive a unique identification number which can be entered on the order page. The website will then verify that you actually ordered the lens and the correct information. Once this is completed, the order will be processed and the lens will be shipped directly to the customer.

money-back guarantee

In some cases, your order will be delivered directly to your door and you will need to pick them up at your local optician. The lenses will be delivered to you in soft contacts that you must keep for the period specified by the manufacturer. This ensures that your eyes do not become dry. Only once you have taken proper care of your lenses should they be removed.

Some retailers offer free or low cost trials which are normally good for a week. If you are still not satisfied with your purchase after this period of time, you can request a money-back guarantee to be refunded in full. Many retailers offer this money-back guarantee and it makes purchasing contact lenses with astigmatism and other vision insurance plans that much easier.

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