Samurai Swords – A Brief History

Muromachi Period

First developed in the Muromachi Period, the Samurai Swords are a unique collection of swords that have a unique connection with the Japanese people. The first Samurai Swords were forged from katana -a single edged cutting sword from laminated wood. A katana, usually described as a two handed sword, is usually a Japanese swords known by its single edged, curved sword with a square or circular guard and short grip to fit two handed. Used mostly by samurai warriors in medieval Japan, it was also used by samurai in feudal Japan, worn on their blade face in personal battle and used for everyday use.

The name ” Samurai Swords” dates back to early writings from the 14th century. Early writings described these swords as large and strong with a tapered curvature and a hilt that was much higher than other kinds of swords. The scabbard was covered in gold and was attached to the handle with a buckle, giving this katana an exceptional beauty when brandished. Japanese writings describe these swords as having a straight, curved blade and were ideal for extended cut. The katana has the ability to cut through soft and denser materials with great ease.

Samurai Swords

After the kaiser war, the first Samurai Swords were mass-produced. During this time, Samurai Swords became popular among the common man. The high cost of these swords and the difficulty of assembling them resulted in their infatuation with the general public. These swords were decorated with beautiful kimono and were given away as presents to soldiers and samurai soldiers alike.

In the Muromachi period, after the dispatch of the Japanese army to attack China, the style of the Japanese Swords changed to match the battlefield conditions more appropriately. Masamune, the long-swinging sword, became obsolete after the arming of Japan’s imperial army. The katana was replaced by the short sword which was also used in the same way as the Masamune had been used before.

traditional design

Towards the end of the feudal rule, the Toyotomi Hideyoshi introduced another type of weapon that is still famous today, the claymore or battleaxes. Although claymores had existed since the time of the samurai, it is in the Toyotomi period that they became popular among the people. These battleaxes had a simple and elegant design but were extremely lethal in any combat situation. The shape of the claymore resembles that of the ninja cat forms that are popular amongst ninjas. Some collectors still prefer the traditional design of the claymore as depicted in the movies.

Samurai Swords have become an iconic part of Japanese culture. They symbolize the noble and honorable spirit of the Japanese people and are revered by them as their symbol of protection. You can browse the internet to view a wide collection of Samurai Swords for sale at reasonable prices. If you are looking to buy a samurai sword, select from the available styles and features that match your needs and enjoy using them for many years to come.

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