How To Store Your Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses are often the first option people consider when they want to purchase contact lenses. However, like any other medical equipment, the contact lens is subject to misuse and can result in a great deal of damage. If you are considering wearing contact lenses, or you already wear them but have had problems with them, it is important to be aware of how to care for and maintain them.

Here are some tips on how to care for your contact lenses:

It is very important to follow the correct usage instructions for your contact lenses. Even though the box says that the lens is approved for a specific use, that does not mean that you should simply use it every day as directed. The contact lenses can become contaminated or even broken over time if they are not correctly cared for. In fact, improper cleaning or misuse could result in the lens expiring or becoming damaged. The most common way to obtain lens waste is through improper lens usage, so it is important that you clean or replace your lenses according to the recommendations in the packaging.

It is very important to use your prescription every single day. Many times people choose to skip their prescriptions and will wear contact lenses during the day and then go back for them at night. This is not only wrong, but it could result in your lenses failing prematurely. It is recommended that you use your prescription every single day starting with the first day you wear it. This will ensure that your lenses work properly and your eyes are protected throughout the day.

Do not wear contact lenses during cold seasons

Like everything else, your eyes will be more sensitive when wearing them when cold temperatures are present. In addition, the cornea of your eye will become thinner which could cause a loss of vision. If you must wear contact lenses at night, then you should wear the ones that prevent light from entering your eye. This way, you can ensure that your cornea stays thin and is not susceptible to damage.

When storing your contact lenses, it is best that you store them in a proper contact lens case. You will find that there are two types: the soft contact lens case and the rigid gas permeable lenses case. The soft case allows for easier storage and usually comes with a closure of either plastic or silicon gel. If you want to store your lenses for an extended period of time, then you should purchase the hard case. The rigid gas permeable lenses case is best used for overnight storage and it does not allow for easy removal.

It is important that you follow all of your eye care instructions and precautions when wearing lenses, especially those that are new. If you were not trained to wear lenses, you should contact your eye doctor and let him know your new contact lenses. Your eye doctor can also instruct you on how to care and store your contact lenses in order to maintain the best results with your vision enhancement.

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