Breast Pump Baby Feeding Accessories Comparison


Baby bottles made from glass and plastic have a lot to offer the new parent over the course of their child’s development. While glass does have some advantages, like durability and easy cleaning, plastic beats it hands down when it comes to durability, portability and affordability. But how do you know which is best? This article will provide some insights into the advantages and disadvantages plastic beats glass.

Plastic Versus Glass: Plastic Baby Bottles – GLASS vs. PLASTIC BABY BOTTLES There are many arguments that glass bottles are better than plastic baby bottles throughout all of the developmental stages. One of the biggest advantages plastic bottles have is their greater portability since they are easier to move than traditional glass. When you are traveling with your baby, having your bottle on your person allows you to easily push it from room to room without much thought. Because of this there is a lower chance of your baby developing food allergies or other harmful side effects from exposure to chemicals in formula. It also has been shown that some babies can be more sensitive to the taste of glass than others, so it is nice to have a choice.

Glass Baby Bottles – Disadvantages

While there are really no disadvantages to glass baby bottles, like any other material they can break and become damaged more easily. This is mainly due to the fact that glass bottles do not have any insulator, meaning that the inside of the bottle will constantly be exposed to air. As a result of this constant exposure to air, the inside of the bottle will develop bacteria over time, which is why most manufacturers will use silicone sleeves in the bottles to keep the bottle from developing scratches and scuffs over time.

Silicone Breast Pump vs. Bottle – Pros And Cons Another advantage of these baby bottles is that you can pump milk directly into the bottle without any problems. This is a great advantage over the typical bottle which you have to put in and then dispose of. Another pro is that they are usually easier to clean and sanitize. There are some cons to these as well; on one hand while they might be more expensive to manufacture they are typically less durable than their counterparts and don’t tend to last as long.

Pros and Cons

Glass Breast Pump Vs. Bottle – Pros and Cons Breast pumps are more effective at suctioning breast milk compared to bottle style pumps. They also make pumping more convenient because the glass is heat-resistant. The heat-resistant glass is also a better choice if you want to use it in the cooler months. On the other hand, bottle style baby feeding accessories can be used during the hot months.

Dr. Brown’s Original Formula vs. Silicone Breast Pump – Durability Breast pumps from Dr. Brown’s Original Formula have plastic inserts that prevent leakage while also providing a nice non-stick surface. These types of plastic inserts also make them easy to clean and sanitize. While the silicon breast pumps can be prone to manufacturing leaks and can deteriorate over time, the Original Formula also has the leak-proof seal. They are also more durable so they will last longer. As with glass bottles, they tend to break less and the plastic pieces don’t break as easily so they do not have to be replaced as often.

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